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Hi I'm Gina!

Your Self-Love Coach

Helping you fall back in love with your Self and the world around you. 

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Heart Shape

1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 Coaching program specifically designed to help you create a more loving relationship with your whole Self. 

My program utilizes the practices of movement, mindfulness, and meditation to lovingly realign with every part of you: the light, the dark, and everything in between. 

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Check it out!

Listen to the "Lean into Love" podcast where we delve deep into the heart, exploring the dynamic interplay between love and fear and the transformative journey of self-compassion. Join me, your devoted host Gina Velez, as we embark on a quest to understand how choosing love over fear and practicing self-compassion can lead to profound personal and collective change.

Kid's Yoga

Kid's & Family Yoga improves concentration, flexibility, and emotional regulation through fun and engaging poses!

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“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

Dalai Lama XIV


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