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I have been the busiest of bees lately and haven't had the time or energy to post on my blog. I felt the inspiration but lacked the time to act on it, which has felt so frustrating! I just have to trust in the divine timing of things: perhaps I was meant to take a break from blogging so that I could focus my energies elsewhere. Perhaps it was to remind me that I do quite enjoy blogging, even if no one really reads my blog! Whatever the purpose, I'm simply glad to be back sharing my voice.

The school year started two weeks ago adding to my already packed schedule. I am now balancing teaching at the high school, studio, private coachings, and assistant directing a musical. In one week my schedule went from 0-60mph so, of course, I promptly got sick with a nasty cold/cough. As I write this, I am still down for the count but thankfully on the mend.

The intensity of this cold forced me to cancel all of my plans, rest, sleep, and repeat for almost a whole week. I was upset at first because I had just found my stride with my schedule - I had finally settled into my busy-ness and was loving the momentum. To stop and surrender to this force that is greater than myself took all of the tools in my tool kit to accept. I even found it hard to justify meditating, eating well, and journaling while sick because "what would be the point?" I forced myself to do it anyways. For it is in those moments when we think we don't need to practice, that we need to practice the MOST.

As I navigate through this season of optimal engagement I am finding new was of making time for myself so that I have the capacity to fully engage with others and work. Putting passion and effort into my yoga business and equally as much into my teaching. It isn't easy finding the balance in it all, but the secret sauce of life is learning HOW and being comfortable with not always getting it right.

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