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The meaning for the word alignment, according to Google & Oxford Languages, is described as,"a position of agreement or alliance" and "arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions."

I love this word. Not only because proper alignment in yoga keeps the body safe, helps with balancing poses, and makes for a sustainable practice, but because alignment transcends off of our mats by how we choose to think, speak, and act.

Most people, including myself, do not always have the ability to live life in alignment. We always say we do or will but if we were to get really honest, we'd find we were lying to ourselves. These lies, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones, add up to bigger shadow aspects of our personality that I call blind-spots. Like the best of cars, I think we will always have blind-spots to watch out for, but having the recognition they exist in order to work with them is what defines someone as living in alignment vs someone who is not.

Awareness coupled with right action creates alignment.

Anytime we say "I know I should do x" but then do y instead, we are not in "a position of agreement or alliance" with our truest self. This lack of trust leads us to self-sabotage, recreate unhealthy patterns, betray ourselves and others, settle, believe we are undeserving, etc. When we are out of alignment (and we always know,) we struggle. We inevitably create our own suffering.

When we are in alignment, we flow, we become magnetic, we know implicitly that we are deserving. When we say, "I know I should do x" and then follow through, we begin to trust ourselves and live authentically allowing incredible opportunities fly into our lives. The Universe literally co-creates with us to build a life beyond our wildest dreams.

My True North

To me, the voice of alignment is my intuition. I always know, even if I try to rationalize, what is in my highest good and will bring me back to the "correct or appropriate relative position" to my self.

Over the last few months, I've gotten really clear on where in my life I've been living in and out of alignment. I try to be as impeccable with my word as possible. I no longer drink alcohol and have significantly reduced the amount of sugar I ingest, because it was not feeling aligned. I move my body, meditate, and eat mindfully because it feels good. I prioritize sleep because I want to have energy to do all of the things I just mentioned for as long as I can.

I am learning to trust myself with every aligned action I take and my relationship with my self is now my highest priority.

My life is rapidly changing and every day small miracles occur simply because I am living truthfully. I FEEL deserving, I feel GOOD, and as Gabby Bernstein says, "It's good to feel good."

Where in your life are you supporting your own alignment? Share in the comments!

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