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I feel like this idea of being free, internally and externally, is becoming such an important theme for me during this phase of my life.

I do a lot of self-inquiry work via meditations, hypnosis, journaling, etc. through a fantastic program called To Be Magnetic. Through one of the workshops I completed, I discovered one aspect of my Authentic Code is Freedom. It has become a daily practice to honor this part of myself in everything I do. I no longer let a decision or opportunity, relationship or thought impede upon this core need.

I shared this musing in my newsletter this week and wanted to leave it here as a reminder why we practice: to obtain profound inner Freedom.

Hello My Beautiful Friend,

I hope you are staying cool in this heat!
I wanted to share some insights I've been having regarding inner freedom.
The more time I spend in meditation, the more I long to get back to that internal state of boundlessness I.R.L. (in real life). I yearn for the space of pure, positive energy. Of love and peace and total connection to G.O.D. (good orderly direction).
"Praying is talking to God, meditating is listening." - unknown
When I'm in meditation, and sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes for my thoughts to settle, I come home to my truest self which always has been, always will be free.
My mind becomes less cluttered and I am better able to listen, allow, choose which thoughts stay, which thoughts go.
This freedom from thought, recognition of thoughts, and ability to choose thoughts is why I show up to my cushion (or chair) every day, sometimes twice a day. I could cry tears of relief just thinking about how soothing this practice is for me.
If you or anyone you know could benefit from finding this level of freedom through cultivating a personalized meditation practice, then let's connect. With a little help and guidance, freedom is possible. It is our birthright but sometimes, we forget. Our practice is this reminder.

If you would like to work together in order to obtain your own personal freedom through meditation, a little bit of yoga, and self-inquiry, let’s chat. I’d love to share these tools with you!

Click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation call.



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