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Breathing for Kids

"Breath is Spirit."

The word “spirit” derives from the word “breath,” (spiritus in Latin). Literally breath gives life. Figuratively , the word “spiritual” connotes whatever is of central and ultimate importance in all aspects of one's life. - Crossbridge Wellness

The breath is the most important part of practice. If the breath gets cut off in a certain pose or it becomes hard to breathe, it means we've gone too far and need to come out of it a bit. We can give ourselves space to fully connect to the breath: our life force!

Learning how to control the nervous system with the power of the breath is a lifelong tool every single person alive can benefit! Speaking from my own personal experience, my life changed when I began focusing on intentional breathing.

It is important to teach children how to use the breath in order to self-soothe, focus, and express themselves more authentically. Here are some ways I like to plant these seeds of mindfulness in my classes:

  1. Balloon (Hoberman Sphere) Breath - Breathe in on the ball's expansion, breathe out on the ball's contraction. Everybody's favorite!

  2. Lion's Breath - Starting on the knees and sitting back on the heels. Begins with a deep breath through the nose. On the exhale, opening the mouth, stretching the tongue out, opening the eyes wide, and letting the breath out through the mouth with a mighty ROAR!

  3. Snake Breath - Breathing in through the nose, long, smooth breath out making a hissing sound. Often done in cobra pose.

  4. Bunny Breath - Making a bunny nose with three sharp inhales in through the nose and one long exhale through your mouth. Repeat 3 times. May crave carrots!

  5. Bumble Bee Breath - Plugging the ears, humming on the exhale out. This breath creates vibration which is one of the most healing ways to calm the nervous system. May grow wings!

  6. Straw Breath - Curling both sides of the tongue up to create a taco shape, this breath is cooling especially on a hot day.

  7. Flower Breath - Similar to straw breath except no curling of the tongue. To begin, we start by pretending to hold a flower in front of us and smelling its fragrance. Then we gentle blow the petals off with a long exhale out. May produce a sense of calm!

Hope this helps!



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