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Chakra Yoga

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are energy centers in the body. The Sanksrit translation is "wheel" or "disk."


Let me break it down further:

We are energetic beings in human meat suits. We can both send and receive energy. There are thought to be 7 Chakras that run along our spine and when spinning properly, they allow the life force of energy, also known as Prana, to effortlessly flow. Prana is part of the subtle body and when functioning properly, positively influences our overall well-being, actions, behaviors, relationships, etc.

When a Chakra becomes blocked, our Prana is unable to flow resulting in a myriad of problems. Part of the practice of yoga is to unblock these energy centers and promote overall wellbeing.

Chakra for Kid's Yoga

I love teaching the Chakras to kids as it's colorful, bright, and an easy concept to grasp when explained properly.

First, I have the students set up their mats to face into a circle. I pass out worksheets that have the above image on it in color, in black and white, and the below chart which describes each Chakra:

I have the children color in the black and white image to match the colored one.

Then, I have each child tap the part of their body while repeating the phrase that corresponds to the Chakra we are discussing. The Sacral & Root Chakras are a bit tricky, so I teach the kids little dance moves to express them.

After we review, I then have them hop up onto their mats and we create yoga poses that represent each of these chakras. For instance: for the Throat Chakra, I have them lift their gaze up to the sky and stand in star pose which stretches their necks and throats. I remind them they can always speak their truth, even when it feels hard to do so!

I think marrying the coloring activity with the yoga is a helpful way for kids to understand this complex system of energies better. I know it helps me!

Does this inspire you? Let me know by commenting below!



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