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Community Kid's Yoga

I began teaching Kid's Yoga at the Children's Museum of La Habra last fall. It was my first opportunity to teach yoga to children via a community center in a local city. It began with a few kids and their parents showing up each Tuesday at 10:30AM. Each class was 30 minutes and they all seemed to really enjoy it!

Kid's Yoga is all about storytelling and given my background in the performing arts and yoga, it's the perfect blend of my two passions. I think my most popular classes were my themed classes and as a performer, I went all out by dressing up and getting themed props for the kids to use in their practice. We would celebrate birthdays and do birthday yoga, yoga for the seasons welcoming the winter and spring solstices, halloween yoga, yoga for the holidays, etc.

Because of the heat of summer (we practiced outside) and the hours of the museum, we've had to take a break from our classes. 10:30AM on a Tuesday is also a challenging time for older kids to be involved as they are usually in school at that time. The majority of kids in those classes ranged from toddler to 5 years old with the average age of 3. Learning how to keep a toddler engaged for 30 minutes (though they petered out at around minute 20) was a challenge at first but having parents involved definitely helped! I think it's so beneficial to teach young minds how to move their bodies to engage their minds in a fun, interactive way.

Starting August 26th, from 2-4pm, I will be teaching yoga and mindfulness at Pretend City in Irvine! It is a phenomenal center for kids where they built a literal pretend city complete with a Trader Joe's, a cafe, a theatre, wellness center (where I'll be hanging out), and more! Come bring your children, their friends, and anyone else who wants to play! I'll be there every last Friday of the month until December.

My goal is to get Kid's Yoga into more community centers this coming fall. If you or someone you know may be interested in connecting, click here and let's set up a 30 minute consult call. I'd love to see if bringing the tools of mindfulness and yoga could benefit your community today!



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