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When life causes you to know what you DON'T want, you know with even greater clarity what it is you DO want.

Contrast is described in Michael Losier's book, The Law of Attraction as, "anything you don’t like, doesn’t feel good, or causes you to be in a negative mood."

Contrast sucks sometimes and it often feels terrible! Yet contrast is actually a good thing - it allows us to recognize what we desire.

Rockets of Desire - think of a rocket filled with your desire that flies right out into the Universe. This rocket will always go on a mission to find and attract what it is you want and bring it back to you. This is a fundamental law of the universe. It is so.

So then why don't we always get what we want, despite the contrast and desires?! Because we are blocked!!! Our fear-based programming and old belief patterns prevent our rockets of desires from ever landing! We literally get in our own way.

By uncovering our limiting beliefs, mental blocks, fears, and shadows, we free ourselves up of the clutter that act as a barrier to our preferences. We begin to let our rockets land safely back on earth, delivering to us our magnificent desires: Manifestations.

I asked G.O.D. to help step into my highest potential and purpose about three years ago and because of that, have experienced a lot of contrast. Sometimes I think, "Hey source energy, infinite intelligence, G.O.D., cut me some slack, will you? Give it a rest with the contrast - I get it already!" I especially feel this with my careers, relationships, and money (three things that often coincide).

The more I explore and allow, however, the more I learn. The more inner-work and facing my shadows I do, the greater clarity I find. The more my choices and actions come from a place of alignment to my Highest Self, the more I know with certainty what it is I DO want. (The funny thing is is that I've been aware of these desires all along but banished them to my subconscious out of fear).

Because I am letting go of my fear, I can say with certainty and relief that my rockets of desire are starting to land on my shores... and it feels soooo good!!! I only wish the same for you, my friend.

Keep Unblocking. Keep Desiring.



P.s. If you want to feel good and let your own rockets of desire land on your shores, let's work together. Book a consult call to learn more about my 1:1 yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry coaching work. You deserve to feel good!

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