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Kid's Yoga

Teaching Kid's Yoga is not something I ever saw myself doing when I first became a teacher. If we're being honest, I wasn't even all that fond of children and for the longest time, swore I'd never have kids. My desire to work with kids came out of my discomfort from being around them.

I signed up for a children's yoga teacher training simply because I did not know how to interact with children without feeling awkward and knew this course would teach me how. I would learn how to structure a class for kids, teach them how to breathe, stretch, and practice mindfulness. I wanted a guidebook (and I got one) that detailed how their brains worked and why. In learning about children and being forced to consistently work with them, I began to feel my own inner child coming alive. In no time at all, I found I had a knack with them and they liked me! They really liked me!! I started to see them as my greatest teachers and everything shifted.

I now love kids! I have so much fun rolling around on the floor with them, being silly, and letting them co-create a class with me. I have found there is a great need for kid's yoga and I am so grateful I listened and answered the call to bring it to my community.

If you or anyone you know has children who could benefit from these practices, let's connect. I offer Kid's Yoga packages ranging from 3 - 6 sessions where we work on breathing, stretching, and mindfulness practices. I would love to share everything I WISH I knew when I was their age.

Xo, G

Below are pictures that were taken by my friend Caitlin Harvey (IG @c.harveyphotography) took at my Kid's Yoga Workshop @ Purple Yoga.

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