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Let It Go

Let It Go

by Brod Bagert

"I freaked out when I heard the news,

a mini panic attack -

School is closed for the rest of the year!

We won't be going back!

So that tuna-fish sandwich I left behind,

the one I left in my desk?

I'm thinking that by now it must

be totally grotesque

And my library book is so overdue,

it's the worst of all my fears.

I'll still be paying fines on it

for at least a hundred years.

The bracelet I left in my cubby...

My coat on that hook in the hall...

I just can't help but wonder if

they'll still be there in the fall.

My father said, "It's a simple thing

that everyone should know-

All that stuff you can't control?

Take a breath. Now let it go."

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