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Off Days

...and then there are days, when no matter how much I meditate, sleep, eat well, hydrate, exercise, the voice of my inner critic gets the best of me.

I know these days are inevitable and while they are farer and fewer in between than they used to be, they still suck.

On these days, I am aware that the Ego is speaking loudly and bulldozing the voice of my Highest Self. I like to think of them as twins: Highest Self is soft-spoken, always speaks from a place of compassion, and offers gentle reminders to stay the course. Often times Ego speaks first, louder, and because Ego is so dominant and pushy, it's hard to hear anything else.

It's hard to distinguish between the two voices - sometimes Ego sounds identical to Highest Self. For the looooongest time, I couldn't tell the difference but now I know the voice of Ego is based in Fear and the voice of my Highest Self is based in love.

The only way to get clear on which voice is which, is to sit in silence for a bit. Clear the mind of all unnecessary chatter and allow the mud to settle to the bottom. In that clarity I can recognize if the voice is fear-based or love-based.

On my off days, I feel grumpy. I tend to feel lethargic and my thoughts feel heavy, like they move in a downward trajectory. It's like a train-wreck that I slowly see unfolding but am unable to do anything about it for my Ego-tantrum is too strong! In order for me to come back to homeostasis, I do the following:

  1. I talk to my Fear. I get curious and ask it questions like what it needs from me. I honor its needs and validate its concerns.

  2. I call on Love, my Highest Self, to take the lead.

  3. I sit a bit longer in meditation than usual

  4. I sing. Singing always makes me feel better, I can express myself so fully when I sing! ...AND it's Vagal Toning! Sound stimulates the Vagus Nerve which aids the Parasympathetic Nervous System (responsible for rest and relaxation) to upregulate and signals the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight response) of the Autonomic Nervous System to downregulate. Pretty cool, right?!

  5. I treat myself. Sometimes it's a fun workout, journaling, or a cookie. Literally, anything that makes me feel good and I don't make myself feel bad about any of it.

  6. I offer myself extra compassion, knowing that this too, shall pass.

*Side note: On my walk with my dog Harpo today, my neighbor, who is differently-abled, earnestly demanded a hug from me. He couldn't see, but I had tears in my eyes from crying and releasing the stagnant energy inside of me. I told him that I'd love nothing more and in that instant, I felt better. The Universe works through people and knew exactly what to send me at the exact time it was needed.

What are some of the ways you turn your Off Days into On Days? Share in the comments!



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