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School Yoga

The benefits of yoga go beyond the physical and transcend into the mental, emotional, and energetic overall well-being of every individual who practices. It also improves the lives of the teachers, family, and friends who orbit around those who are practicing this union of body and mind.

Yoga supports and improves functional movement, proprioception, balance, strength, flexibility, muscular coordination, muscle memory, and so much more. Yoga is low-impact yet targets the joints and every area of the body through a wide range of three planes of movements (forward and backwards, side to side, and up and down).

Yoga plants the seeds of mindfulness by introducing self-coping techniques, somatic healing, and improved attention and emotional regulation.

Breathwork practices harness the power of the breath and not only improves lung function and capacity but teaches students how to self-regulate by being in control of the breath.

Students learn how to be more compassionate with themselves and others (the antidote to bullying).

Students gain confidence in learning how to solve personal challenges, regulate uncomfortable feelings, and cultivate an awareness of thoughts.

Students build teamwork, autonomous learning, and leadership skills by teaching sequences, focusing on alignment of a personal practice, and aiding others in need.

Yoga empowers students to take charge of their own lives. To live authentically and truthfully. To be present in each moment as it comes, even in the midst of discomfort. To get back up again after failing forward and that we can always begin again.

Our mats are a metaphor for our lives and yoga is the living, breathing mirror for us to witness and accept ourselves fully.

Let's get yoga into your school today. Schedule a consult call and let's see if we'd be a good fit. If we are, I'll send over my resources and curriculum that best suits your students' needs.



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