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Sequencing for Littles

Creating a sequence for a kid's yoga class is very different than making one for an adult class. Crafting a sequence for littles (ages 3-7) is even more unique!

My flows are much more structured for the adult classes I teach, where every unit has specific poses that correlate to an over all theme such as hips, core, full body, etc. With my little kids yoga classes, I create a theme for my class but I also leave it very open for them to pick and choose their own adventure.

I always start class off with the Hoberman sphere - a big ball that expands and contracts along with each inhale and exhale. The kids are always mesmerized by it and the exercise instantly takes the room from chaos to calm. All it takes are three simple rounds of it in tandem with the breath, and in less than one minute, we're back.

Last week in Kid's Yoga, I gave them all a sticker and encouraged them to create a pose that they felt represented the animal/reptile on the sticker. The creativity of their little minds never ceases to amaze me! We got into some unique poses and made some pretty hysterical sounds! I also try to keep them in each pose for 2-3 rounds of breath.

Two weeks ago, I brought in poses that I knew I wanted them to learn. I focused in on the warriors, triangles, and lunges. Around minute 20 just as I was finishing up the lunge section, one little girl began to have a meltdown. Another asked if we could do partner poses instead. My instinct is always to push through and get to the end of what I prepared but kid's don't work that way. It has been so liberating to throw my carefully laid plans out the window and go with their flow. In the rerouting of our adventure, we were able to collaborate and come up with something even better!

I enjoy the flexibility of having kids choose their own adventure on their mats. It makes them feel like they have agency in their practice and allows them the freedom to make bold decisions. While I often have to reign them in, it is such a joy to witness the distinct expressions of their individual poses. To see the pride on their faces (and their parents) at the execution of something new, especially if they fall, is why I enjoy teaching little ones so much!

Are you interested in bringing yoga into your child's life? Look no further! I offer private and group sessions for kids of all ages. Mommy and me encouraged for ages 3-5.



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