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Sequencing for Teens

Teen yoga classes generally last 45-60 minutes depending on the focus level of the group. Like an adult class, I lead them through a 15 minute warm up of basic poses. Then get into our 10-15 minutes of strength, 10-15 minutes of building into heat and balancing, followed by a 15 minute cool-down.

Teen yoga is very similar to adult yoga except for the fact that teens tend to be fearless in attempting tricks and challenging poses. I don’t normally teach head or handstands in my classes or any kind of yoga “trick” because 1) I don’t think it’s safe to do so unless the class centers around that one pose and I can effectively teach and approach it while administering to every student’s needs 2) I think they’re fun but generally unnecessary. Yoga is about union and can be achieved through a myriad of other poses. The rest is fluff!

I treat and talk to teens the way I would an adult and expect a lot out of them. Teens tend to push limits and as long as I set the tone that we’re open to fun but also learning, they tend to thrive. “I will be firm but kind.” - Maria von Trapp (she subconsciously knew what she was talking about).

I often gives teens the opportunity to pick and choose their poses in the practice and give them leadership opportunities. If I’ve been working with a group long enough, I also let them teach longer sequences on their own. Creating a posture lab section where they break down poses and teach each other proper alignment is fun for them and helps them understand poses better.

If your teen is interested in learning yoga, send them my way! I offer private, group, and virtual sessions.

I also offer a school yoga curriculum that I bring into public and private elementariness, junior highs, and high schools. Let’s chat if yoga could help your school find more calm!



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