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Sequencing for Tweenz

Tween: in between an adolescent and a teen.

Tweenz are some of my favorite people to work with - they are bright, inquisitive, and have the body awareness to do some pretty advanced yoga. Like my Kid's Yoga for Littles classes, I let tweenz take the lead in choosing their own adventure. I generally have a few activities picked out and give them the option to choose but if they suggest something else, I'm usually game (as long as it's safe)!

Tweenz are old enough to lead sequences but young enough to still enjoy breathing with the Hoberman sphere (teens would NEVER)! I love giving tweenz the opportunity to lead because it instills confidence and develops their leadership skills. The parts of our class that I let them lead are also pre-planned by me so as to keep everyone safe.

I usually start our practice off with Greeting the Sun, or Sun Salutation A. We do about three rounds of this where I lead the first one and then pick students to lead the final two. From there, the structure of the class looks mostly like Yoga for Littles except we hold the poses longer and focus more on the breath. Learning to match expansive movements with inhales and contractive movements with exhales is something I begin to make them aware of in this age group.

I also love partner poses in this class because it gives them a chance to bond with one another and get out of their comfort zone by making new friends. Because parents don't generally attend these classes, the tweenz are free to be themselves and truly play.

Finally, their "sloth" meditation is around 1 minute. I love to guide them through tapping/body drumming meditations where they pat their head, heart, belly, and thighs all while recalling something they're grateful for, etc. Little seeds of somatic experiencing ;)

After class I usually ask them what they learned or enjoyed about their experience, getting them to recall specific poses so that they are able remember for next time. They can also share their practice with friends and family by using specific poses names more easily.

If you'd like your tween to begin learning kid's yoga with me, click here! I'd love to share with them everything I WISH I knew at their age.



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