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Storytelling through Kid's Yoga

To tell stories and use our imaginations on our mats by learning more about ourselves and the world around us is why I teach Kid's Yoga.

As a performer, the art of storytelling is an integral part of my soul's expression. Above all else: singer, dancer, actor, I am a storyteller. The marriage of this art form and yoga is the perfect blend of my two greatest loves. Getting to share these passions with young ones is a privilege I will always cherish.

I implement a variety of activities such as pulling yoga cards, rolling yogi dice, spin the spinner, passing out animal stickers and encouraging students to use their imaginations by creating a pose, singing, dancing, music exploration: you name it! Many of my classes are usually based on a theme such as Under the Sea, Going on a Safari, Disney Yoga. Sometimes I choose a set of poses that I want to focus on, other times it is much more free form.

My favorite classes are the ones where I lead them through an adventure and every movement becomes a pose - much like a monologue paired with dance. "Put on your goggles and look around at your neighbors, hop into your wetsuit and jump about, dive into the pool and come into a forward fold, swim about your mat in lotus discovering the wonders of life below the surface of the water!"

Every once in a while I will have students circle up their mats, draw and/or color their feelings, create music with instruments and allow themselves to move freely, and even do body drumming which has its roots in EMDR and somatic experiencing (the most amazing self-regulation techniques that I use daily). I will try and find any way to get kids to connect to their bodies and listen to its intuitive wisdom.

My inner self-help nerd also loves this calling. I finally get to share all of the coping mechanisms and regulation devices I have in my toolbox but in a much more simplified and distilled form. It reinforces my own inner work and holds me accountable to practice what I preach!

I LOVE what I do and want to share these practices with as many young souls as I can for I KNOW it can make a positive difference in the world. If finding these tools as an adult could drastically change my life, imagine what can be achieved by sharing these tools with young children? To have this mindfulness trickle out into their communities, families, friends, and schools... what we CAN'T achieve!

If you would like to implement more mindfulness and storytelling into your community, let's chat. I'd love to share everything I know with you and the young minds in your area. Let's create this change together.



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