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"When I cultivate a spiritual connection I can trust the Universe no matter what." - Gabby Bernstein

I have not always been so trusting, especially with myself, others, or a spiritual connection for that matter. When I was atheist and then later agnostic, I always felt like I had to control and muscle my way into making things happen. I was always exhausted, fearful, and felt alone. Spiritual connection? Ha! I thought people who talked to G.O.D. or angels were off their rocker. To stand in the place of total connection to source energy is to believe in the power of transformation at the highest level. Sometimes I can't believe it, either!

I still have moments of doubt, of frustration with spirit and trusting that connection when things don't go my way. I will literally say out loud, "I don't trust you today!" and don't practice my meditation as a symbol of rebelling. Of course, this never lasts for long as I am always drawn back to my deeper knowing and am able to reconnect once again.

So, a few weeks ago I made a commitment to myself to strengthen this connection. I made a plan of action to complete practices every day, sometimes multiple times a day, that would allow me to bolster my trust muscle with my connection to source. These practices range from meditations, to journaling, talking through things with my coach, friends, or guides, using my oracle cards, pendulums, a walk outside... anything that can get me closer to spirit.

I talk to spirit like I talk to a friend and find it's easiest to talk and listen when I'm driving in my car or have my AirPods in my ear on a walk (this makes me seem less crazy to strangers). It's beneficial for me to know what I need or desire in my head, it's even more effective to say it out loud. I also find it's powerful to write it out, a tool that not only brings deeper insight but also helps to make desires manifest.

These practices are definitely working as I have felt a flow of synchronistic energy like I have never felt before. I get downloads of thought that sound like my own but FEEL like they are not. It's hard to describe. I am receiving answers to questions that have plagued me for the last few months, years even, with such stunning clarity and ease I wonder how I didn't see them before!

I am learning to trust that even when things don't go my way, the Universe is still supporting me, guiding me, and listening to me no matter what. Instead of resisting and controlling in those moments, I am able to surrender and have faith. Life is so much more enjoyable this way! I wish the same joy for you, dear friend.



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