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For over four months I suffered from siatica pain of varying degrees. My chiropractor recommended many things to help but nothing was long term helpful. Finally, I found myself crying in the shower because the pain was so intense, constant and debilitating. My chiropractor had suggested Yoga from the beginning. Feeling hopeless I reached out to Gina and she immediately created a private Yoga session geared directly to my issues. By week three I was feeling major relief and by week five my pain was gone! It was truly amazing!! It’s been four months since and no recurrence at all. Gina is a remarkable Yoga instructor, I can’t thank her enough for giving me my daily life back.

Tana C.

My daughter (4 years old) and I attended Kid’s Yoga Classes with Gina and had a wonderful time. Gina is patient and understanding of children and was capable of captivating a wide range of ages, temperament, and abilities. She provided an environment that fostered creativity, made yoga accessible, and was a bright spot in my child’s day. It was a great way for me to connect with my daughter. If you have the opportunity, definitely try out Kid’s Yoga Classes with Gina with your little one!

Katie S.

I signed up for a parent + kid’s yoga series with my four year old and it far exceeded my expectations. Gina’s ability to connect and lead the children in class through fun, age appropriate yoga activities made my son soo excited for class! The pace was great to keep my little engaged and it was a great bonding experience. I like how the class taught him tools about trying difficult poses and if you fall, get back up and try again.

Alicia W.

Practicing yoga with Gina is something I look forward to each week. Gina always begins her classes with a very profound message that enables me to begin my practice with calmness and clarity. Her joy and enthusiasm guides us throughout our practice, and her positive reinforcement keeps us motivated. Gina is that rare individual that radiates kindness, patience and positivity.

Shelli V.

"Gina's Class was wonderful and I enjoyed the introductory message she gave at the beginning of class. She is friendly, engaging and provides various modifications for poses. She mentioned at the end how opening up and changing perspective for a posture is also a key metaphor for life. I look forward to taking another one of her classes. Thank you Gina!"

Dalia H.

"I have taken two "zoom" yoga classes with Gina and she is a fantastic instructor. I love the virtual class since I am just getting back into it and can do it in the privacy of my own home. It is just as easy to follow as it is in person. I love her that she reads a spiritual passage at the beginning and end of her classes. I highly recommend this class!"

Ellen D.

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