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1:1 Coaching

12 Sessions

3 months

A lifetime of limitless possibilities

Learn how to fully love yourself with exercises backed by neuroscience. Find inner, personal freedom by creating practices such as yoga and meditation. Adopt an empowered mindset by cultivating the tools of mindfulness in every day life. 

How it Works


Set an Intention 

In our first session we create a goal that you wish to accomplish by the end of our 12 sessions together.

I reverse engineer a roadmap of how we, because it's you and me in this pursuit, will accomplish this goal. 

Every session is designed to get you confidently one step closer to that intention. 

Each session is comprised of three elements: movement, meditation, and mindset. 

What is Coaching?

As a coach it is my responsibility to maintain a clear vision of each client's future version of themselves as their current self. By holding my clients accountable to what they say they want to achieve, I enable them to step fully into their own highest and greatest potential.  

This is a psychological phenomenon in which high expectations lead to improved performance in a given area, also known as the Pygmalion Effect. 

Coaching is not therapy, it simply supports the work you do with your therapist. Don't have a therapist? No prob! You can still work with me. 


What is Self-Love?

​Self-love is the key to true freedom. Freedom is all everyone wants and it is our birthright. We are all born free. We are all born loving ourselves exactly as we are and yet, as we grow up, we forget these fundamental truths. 

Every goal, every dream, every relationship flourishes when we learn how to love ourselves. Success isn't the attainment of something but rather who we become in the pursuit of trying. 

If you want to be more free, find success, and accomplish your dreams, learn how to love yourself first and everything will fall into place.

I can teach you how.

Move your body in a loving way, quiet your mind to hear that still, soft voice within which is pure, unconditional love, speak and act affectionately towards yourself and see it transform your relationships with others. 

It all starts with the self. It all starts with love. 

Learn to love yourself. 

Learn to be more free.

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