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Teen Yoga

High School Friends: Join The Self-Love Club today!

Image by Melissa Askew

"The Self Love Club" is a course specifically designed for YOU: the high school (and junior high) student. 

If I asked you to create a list of all the things you are grateful for, how long would it take for you to include yourself on that list?

You should be at the top of your own gratitude list. 

In my sessions, I teach you how to tap into gratitude and let go of anxious thoughts in order to find greater inner peace. 

The first 30 minutes of our session together, you'll learn how to connect your mind and body through the practice of yoga. 

The next 15 minutes, you'll learn many different ways to meditate and quiet your mind. 

The last 15 minutes is all about learning more about how you think and recognizing what makes you uniquely awesome. 

After six sessions, I can guarantee that you will see how incredibly enough you are just by being YOU. 

Let's talk if you are ready to see how Be-You-Tiful you truly are, inside and out. 

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